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Family Friday Brunch to Enjoy at The Meydan Hotel

Colourful balloons towered dining tables at The Meydan Hotel’s recent reopening of its Friday brunch, their tiny owners grinning from ear to ear in colourful face paints. One girl looked like a bunny. Another one looked like a cat. They all looked adorable.

In a while, they were off to the play area, leaving the happy looking grownups to enjoy the food, the conversations, the feel-good music from the three-member jazz band, and of course, the lavish buffet spread in Farriers restaurant.

The Friday brunch here is a family affair with a five-star flair. Of course, what do you expect from the hotel that hosts the richest horse race in the world in its backyard? You can tell that the staff really put a lot of thought into the entire experience, from the food, the presentation, the service and the entertainment for all ages.

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